How to order premium Accounts On MSP

We provide various premium accounts 

( Accounts with premium data, Save your money by purchasing them in Cheap )

Step1 : New Premium Order 

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Goto the regular order flow and select new premium order 

Step2 : Select the order You Need

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Refer Image :

1 : Select the category

2 : Select the account you want

3 : Dont enter anything in the link section

4 : Tick the confirmation button

5 : Click Submit ( Check Price before buying )

PS : All the details about the accounts will be given in the information Boxes, Make sure you read it before buying.

STEP3: Account Delivery

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Once you have purchased the accounts you can directly goto the ticket section and filter the tickets to " premium orders" Under premium orders section you will find the recent ticket with the subject that will say the order ID of your premium accounts order.

Open the ticket and your account will be there for you 🙂

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